Entering the adult film industry is the path that many female stars in Japan choose. One of the few people who had great success and changed fortunes is actress Yua Mikami. She is known as one of the hottest female idols in the Japanese adult film industry and attracts huge views. Please refer to the article below for more information about this actor.

Yua Mikami - From Anonymous Idol to Goddess JAV

Yua Mikami's real name is Kito Momona, she was born on August 16, 1993 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. She is 1m59 tall and has an extremely hot and attractive 3-round measurement of 86-56-90. Her plump body with full bust and angelic face is what makes her famous and attracts a large number of fans.
During nearly 5 years as an Ido, she always kept her innocent image, everything changed when she got into a dating scandal with Tegoshi and was caught, then removed from the lineup. It was a big shock for her, but Yua quickly recovered and made the bold decision to enter the path of Japanese pornography when she turned 22 years old in 2015.

Yua Mikami has a pure and gentle beauty

The busiest actress in the Japanese Jav adult film industry

Her first erotic film was Princess Peach and immediately topped the chart of best-selling and hottest JAV movies in May 2016. The success of this film has brought Yua's name to a new level. She constantly receives many invitations to act in movies and take cool photos.
In 2016, Yua released 10 erotic films with various themes. In 2017, she even released up to 17 movies and most of them attracted a lot of views and earned huge sales. With good acting skills, fiery body along with beauty, Yua has received many big awards such as Oscar JAV Japan.

Extremely sexy body of Saint Mikami Yua

Yua Mikami - The highest earning actress in JAV . village

Since debut, Yua has been paid extremely high salary and 25 million yen/month more than the former actress in that profession. However, up to now, her income level is even higher than that. It is estimated that her current income is not less than 50 million yen/month.
Her monthly income in a month of filming is enough to buy 2 luxury apartments in the middle of Tokyo. In addition to her acting salary, she also represents many famous brands, works as a cool photo model and runs her own business. That's why she was called a giant in JAV village.

Yua Mikami is known as the Holy Maiden in JAV . village


Beautiful, charming and full of talent is a great thing that fans can see in Saint Yua Mikami. Despite her many achievements and great reputation, she did not fall. She once confessed that one day she would give up this job to focus on her family.