Yua Mikami is a famous porn actress in the adult film industry in Japan. She comes from an Idol of a famous group, but thanks to a kiss that changed her luck, she succeeded on the road to acting in adult films. Let's find out the biography and achievements of this girl right here.

Biography of Yua Mikami - The hottest JAV saint

Yua Mikami was born in 1993, owns a height of 1m59, three-round measurements of 90-57-90, this is considered the ideal body in Japan. In early 2014, she was involved in a scandal of locking lips with a male colleague of a group, which affected the innocent image she had built before. After that, she was also revealed to be drunk and underage under the regulations.

Yua Mikami has a huge bust and is attractive to men

The kiss that changed fate from an angel to a saint JAV

After being involved in a scandal, the group asked Mikami to leave for violating the rules. During her depression, she decided to start her career in the adult film industry in Japan in 2015. Initially, this actress only participated in one movie, but the popularity of The movie was quite big that motivated her to continue working.

Yua Mikami with her innocent image after working hours

Yua Mikami succeeds right from the first work

Following her initial success with the movie Princess Peach, Mikami quickly followed suit in 2016 and in 2017 became one of the most popular and best-selling JAV idols. This reputation helps her receive many offers to act in movies and take cool photos. Mikami is currently active at S1 No. Entertainment and has appeared in more than 1,000 adult films.

Yua Mikami builds an innocent, pure image like an angel

The External Career of Saint JAV

Mikami not only has many male fans, but her films are also among the best sellers in the JAV market. The sweet image has helped her maintain a strong fan base. Yua Mikami not only appears in famous fashion magazines, she also has her own fashion brand that both designs and produces for sale.
Not only that, Mikami also regularly shares his JAV experience on blogs and youtube. By early 2020, she continued to expand her business and launched a new condom brand called Popcorn and Honey.

Angel Jav Yua Mikami


Yua Mikami is not only a professional JAV actress, but she is also known as the goddess of the adult film industry in Japan. The newly released films of this actress have attracted a lot of male attention and support.