Yua Mikami is one of the golden faces of the Japanese adult film industry. Before coming to this industry, she used to be the Idol of a famous group. After the scandal of kissing a male colleague, she joined the erotic path and successfully changed her luck thanks to her beautiful face and hot body.

Yua Mikami - Angel in a Japanese group

Yua Mikami's real name is Kito Momona, she is an impressive musical talent with an innocent and pure face. She entered the artistic path at the age of 15 with the hope of becoming an Idol. However, this path was not very successful for this actor.
The number of members is so large that most of the audience does not remember the members' faces. Therefore, Yua is still just a star idol attached to her name in the group, not making a splash and creating a personal mark. So are the band members.

Yua Mikami is known as a charming and beautiful girl

Lip lock scandal or fateful kiss.

At the beginning of 2014, Mikami was caught in a scandal, locked lips passionately with male singer Yuya Tegoshi, when he was caught. This incident has brought mixed opinions and affected her image. Because she was carrying an innocent, pure image at that time, this was a huge shock to Yua.
In addition to the case of kissing a male colleague, she was also accused of using alcohol before she was a teenager. This further afflicted Yua mentally, the group also decided to fire her. While falling, she made a bold decision to enter the Japanese porn industry.

Yua Mikami has a hot and attractive body

Gambling life - Success beyond expectations

To mark a new beginning, Mikami's first film is called Princess Peach. The debut film brought great success and topped the chart of the best JAV movies and attracted the largest number of viewers. Her first foray into the entertainment industry was very successful.
In December 2015, she also published her first hot photo album and continuously released 10 new films in 2016. Her films are well received from men on social networks. . This success has brought Yua's name to fly high, fly further and earn a lot of money.


However, despite many advancements and sublime career, Yua Mikami still aims for a happy family. She also shared, she will retire to get married and have children in the next 10 years.